Simon Lizotte Video: The stories behind my 3 favorite discs

Simon Lizotte

Hi Guys,

it seems you all pretty much enjoyed my recent video, where I showed you what's in my room. Guess I explained everything in detail to you: My bed, my cupboard and even my Darts skills. But there was something that I left out on purpose and which I would like to devote this video to:

My 3 most precious discs. Let me show them to you, tell you where I got them and most importantly how much they meant for me during my career.

As I felt "back on the tour" with my runner-up finish at the Memorial Chapionship in Scottsdale and signed a few autographs, I again had to think about my disc collection hoping that one day a young disc golf player will get similar inspiration from me as I got it from my idols. Therefore, this video comes at the right time.

Enjoy, Simon

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