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Recently I was invited to participate in a corporate training program which was about to take place in Cincinnati. I was really passionate about attending the training but not sure if the location was “nice”. I was even thinking that it would be better to wait a bit longer for the same training to happen somewhere else. My opinion about Cincinnati was completely formed based on what other people had told me. Although I had been in Cincinnati once 15 years ago, I did not remember anything about the city and I had to rely on others’ point of view.

Before rejecting the participation in the training I discussed it with my husband. We jointly decided that even if Cincinnati seems like “the middle of nowhere”, it would be still nice for me to see people living there, their hobbies and interests. The US does not only consist of NYC, Miami and Los Angeles. There are many more places in the country and in order to fully understand the culture, we need to see it from all the angles. While discussing it, my husband also got intrigued and decided that he would join me on the trip.

We planned 5 days for the trip in order to have some free time after the training to explore Cincinnati and around. I wish we had planned for more…

The Cincinnati area completely amazed us. Every single venue we visited was significantly above our expectations! Here is what we liked the most about the city: After the trip it feels like we have discovered a hidden treasure city. Definitely, Cincinnati is by far better than its reputation. The city has given us some wonderful memories during fantastic five days. On top, it has fired my interest to see more of the places which are not on the cover of the standard tourist guides.

I promise I will keep you posted on future exciting ventures!

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