100 things to experience as long as time may allow it

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100 places you must see before you die.

As soon as you enter terms such as "dream" or "dream travel" into any search engine, you quickly find lists that recommend the most beautiful places in the U.S., Europe or the world. Simply go, watch, check off and aim for the next target, seems to be the logic. Bucket lists are fast to digest, easily applicable and currently in fashion, although one could ask, if enjoying 5 days in a particularly beautiful place is not better than one quick day each at 5 of these beautiful places. But yes, I understand that I only get to check one item from my list ...

But checking-off the 100 places from a bucket list is not my topic today: I am concerned about the idea that I must see the places once before I die. A sad thought - but so far away for me. I am still young, and even if I don't start today to work on my list of dream locations, I still have enough time. And next year is still early enough, I think.

For dream locations, my procrastination may be okay, but it is not valid in the case of dream experiences: the idea that everything is still possible later on is often only true in theory. So let's forget about the 100 places list and deal with listening instead of traveling, Boston's "More than A Feeling" instead of Boston/Massachusetts and Rihanna instead of Rheinfall. Let's talk about music, fantastic artists and their concerts.

On my bucket list of musicians to see, I could put some good checks: I had the honour to experience Johnny Cash, perhaps not in his best time, but when he was fit and drug-free again. I heard the Beach Boys and the Wilson brothers sang so loud that you could hear them in every corner of our town. I heard Bon Jovi with Richie Sambora and Kool & the Gang with JT Taylor. Most of these artists even several times. I achieved a dream and saw Les McKeown, the former singer of the Bay City Rollers - unfortunately he no longer resembled the idol of my childhood days, but we are all getting older. Kris Kristofferson and Ian Gillan were beyond 60, but continued to justify the ticket fees and got a big check on my list. I was able to see and hear Nabucco at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow - and I am as surprised as you about this varied musical taste.

What does this list have to do with the subject? Well, it becomes clear that there are certain time windows for dream experiences. Johnny Cash is no longer alive, Bon Jovi performs with new band members, and some artists simply belong to a certain time. (For those of you who are less interested in music, the dream of inviting your grandparents to a cruise may also find a natural ending, and in a few years from now your children may not be interested in bike tours with their parents anymore - so you better start now).

On my list, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston had their place, too, and they were supposed to get a check, too. As sad as it may sound, other factors play a role in your dream experiences, not just that you are still alive to experience it.

When people look back, they do not regret so much the things that they have done, but rather those things that they have missed. With my concert list, I can only confirm this. I do not regret the fact that I've been sitting in the car for four hours to see Cameo (One-Hit-Wonder with "Word up", older people may remember), just to see him end his concert already after 45 minutes . However, that I sold my Prince ticket because I did not want to take this 4-hour-drive again just a few weeks later, I deeply regret today, since I missed one of the greatest artists in his prime.

This regret does not help today, as everything in life has its time. But to say it with James Dean, who would have made it to the bucket list of the greatest actors to meet:

"Dream as if you live forever, live as if you only have today."


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