Simon Lizotte Video: Insights into Disc Golf Tour Life

Simon Lizotte

Hi guys,

great to have you back again for the next edition of my Q&A videos. This time I will answer your questions on my preferences regarding Disc Golf tournaments and playing in general as well as a few funny ones, which actually made me smile, when I first saw them.

Below is a list of the questions, enjoy the video and in case you have missed one of my last videos just go to the Dreampions channel on You Tube - maybe you even want to sign up on it.

See you soon on the tour,


  1. What was your first disc golf tournament? (Niko)
  2. What tournaments do you like best – A-tier World Tour or NT? (Rick)
  3. Do you participate in any non-PDGA tournaments? (Steven)
  4. How do you like playing professionally? (Stuart)
  5. Do enjoy the competition, or do prefer casual rounds? (Stuart)
  6. What are your 3 goals for the 2017 season? (Eric)
  7. Who is your favorite disc golfer? (Wade)
  8. If you were playing for another brand than Discmania or Innova, what would it be? (Harald) -> 00059
  9. Who is a better at basketball, Avery Jenkins or Brodie Smith? (Rocx)
  10. Which one of them would you trust to shoot an apple off of your head with an arrow? (Rocx)

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