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Dreams are as diverse as the people who dream them. Still, most basketball players dream of experiencing their sport in the US at least once – be it for a short period of time, during a season or even for many years.

If this is how you feel, then this offer may bring you closer to your dream:
The German basketball legend, former WNBA player Linda Fröhlich and Dreampions offer a free participation in Linda’s LDV Exposure Camp & Combine worth 1'000 US Dollar to one young female basketball player from Europe. The camp will take place from July 10th to 17th 2017 in Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California.

If you are between 16 and 18 years old, play basketball ambitiously, are eager to compete with American players and learn from experienced coaches with a WNBA history, you should apply now. And if you dream of combining basketball and studies at a US university, even better – the camp offers you the opportunity to attract the attention of college coaches: Several of them will be watching and recruiting future players at the LDV Exposure Camp.

Below you find some background and several key questions that we would like to answer:

Who is Linda Fröhlich?
Linda Fröhlich is one of the best players in the German basketball history. Due to her success in America, she was often referred to as "Dirk in a skirt", being the female counterpart to basketball superstar Dirk Nowitzki. She was the most successful player ever in her college, the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, and played a total of 4 years in the American professional league WNBA. At the same time, she completed 79 international matches as part of the German National Team, was named the best basketball player of the Italian Premier League in 2004/05 and won the EuroCup with Spartak Moscow in 2006. She also played in high-profile teams in Turkey, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece, where she has been elected to the all-star team. There are only very few players who have gained so much international experience at the highest level and are now passing it on to the next generation.

Linda truly enjoyed her time in every single one of the countries she played in. She always felt welcome and looks back with great memories that she still benefits from today. Therefore, she would like to return a favor and would be extremely happy to award a free participation to a young player from Europe, although US-players have an equal chance of winning a slot.

Linda has collaborated with Dreampions right from the beginning. As one of 25 writers, she shared her story in the Dreampions book, providing insights in how – after her fantastic professional basketball career – she realized another dream: her own basketball academy. So it comes naturally that Linda and Dreampions are now working together to make your dream come true.

What is special about the FRÖHLICH BASKETBALL ACADEMY?
With the Fröhlich Basketball Academy (FRO), Linda Fröhlich has set the goal for herself to develop young players through innovative training and education methods. She and her staff share their valuable expertise with female athletes and provide transparency on what it takes to excel at the next level on the way to their goals. The focus is to achieve balanced growth of physical abilities, attitude and psychological strength – Spirit, Mind and Body. The Academy wants to develop the next generation of successful basketball athletes. The academy has its own gym complex with state of the art shooting guns and speed and agility area as well as first class physical therapy support.

In addition, FRO has developed a concept designed to enable players to achieve their dream of a college scholarship – the so-called LDV ("Lebe Deine Vision" – German for: Live Your Dream) Basketball Exposure Camp. It is a recruiting camp at which coaches from all divisions (Division I, II & III and NAIA) are present. At this camp, Linda puts major focus on the fact that all the coaches are highly qualified and certified and some of them have played in the WNBA for several years, just like Linda herself.

What benefits does the participation offer?
From an athletic perspective, you will participate in the first 3 days of a training camp, where you and many American players are coached by highly qualified basketball professionals. Scouts from all divisions will attend and look for young talents. Afterwards, you will participate in a tournament, in which you again have a chance to attract the attention of numerous college coaches. In each of the last two years, a European player has succeeded in getting a college scholarship. One of them is Ayla Faber, who wrote about her time in the LDV Exposure Camp & Combine 2016 in a blog post on Dreampions.

In addition to the purely athletic opportunities, you have the chance to benefit from Linda's personal experience – Linda always puts special focus on supporting the European participants – as well as explore California with its sun, beach and exciting attractions.

Dreampions and Linda Fröhlich will support you in the preparation of your trip and report about it on Dreampions.

What exactly is included the offer?
The offer includes the participation in 3 days of intensive training at the Exposure Camp in Rancho Cucamonga as well as accommodation and board, ground transport, uniform and a College and University campus tour. In addition, on July 14 you will participate in team practice for the tournament on the subsequent two days, in which you will have the chance to play in front of coaches and scouts of Colleges who are looking for new talent.

In this flyer you will find more information on the schedule, the coaches and the academy.

What do I have to do to win the LDV camp participation?
Send a message to until April 15th explaining why you should get this one FREE spot! We will select the winner together with Linda until April 20th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Disclaimer: FRO and Dreampions are no travel operators and we assume no liability whatsoever for possible risks or damages that may occur during the trip. FRO offers its services according to the attached flyer . The fulfillment of the FREE camp participation will be in the sole responsibility of the FRO academy. There will be no legal obligations between the winner and Dreampions. The offer refers to a camp participation only and no cash prize can be redeemed.

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