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Simon Lizotte

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My own disc golf park in the backyard
A dream of mine, which is further out in the future, is to have a nice house surrounded by my own disc golf park. When my professional career will be over and I won’t be permanently on the road any longer, I would love to have a comfortable place, maybe with my own family. The disc golf park, which I would design myself, is a very important part to me. I can already envision myself walking through my forest with the chain saw in my hands and creating a new track. Probably somewhere in the Rocky Mountains or at a Canadian lake. And every two weeks, our neighbors and friends will come to visit and we will play a nice fun tournament.

Being a tournament director once
I would love to experience one day how it feels to be the director of a disc golf tournament. I usually experience tournaments from a player’s perspective. During the events, I see how stressed the tournament directors are, making sure that everything goes according to schedule and nothing goes wrong – and I have the highest respect for their task. There is so much to coordinate to ensure that the tournament is going well and so many things to be organized in the background.

With this bucket dream, it would not matter whether this is a small invitation tournament with friends or even a tournament on the German tour. Organizing the Lizotte Challenge and seeing a tournament from a different perspective would be highly interesting. Just for the experience of it!

Designing and developing my own disc
While we are at the topic of disc golf: Someday I would like to design my own disc. I have often had the opportunity to talk with Dave Dunipace, the inventor of the modern Golf Disc and CEO of Innova Discs, and he really inspired me for this subject. The technology behind a really good disc is not as simple as you would think. First, I would like to understand better how the discs are developed, designed and manufactured, in order to be able to bring in my own ideas from a player’s perspective.

The Lizotte Disc with cool design and best flying characteristics – that would be something!

Joining the party at the Darts world championship
Probably you have already noticed that I am excited about sports that are kind of different. I love darts, for example. There were times in my life, when I played daily and spent hours watching tournaments on TV. If you are not an expert, you might think that a few men from the bar next door randomly throw arrows at a board. Only when you play yourself you notice, how incredibly strong these world class players are. Being one of the 5,000 people who follow the World Cup at the Alexandra Palace, cheer for Phil Taylor and celebrate the biggest party of their lives is definitely on my bucket list.

Meet my sports idols
Let me continue with the next great sport: Snooker. It sometimes runs on the Eurosport channel. If you ask me, they could show snooker all day long. Ronnie O'Sullivan is considered to be the best snooker player of all time and he is my absolute favorite player. I have seen so many of his matches, spent so many hours watching him on TV – he is definitely one of my role models in sports. To see him live or to even meet him personally would definitely be a highlight in my life.

However, my idol number 1 will always remain Tiger Woods. I've grown up with the PGA 2003, 2004 Playstation games, and I am probably one of the best Tiger Woods Playstation players in the world. The more you practice, the more you improve. Probably there are only very few people who have spent as much time with the game, regularly several hours a day. As sad as it may sound, I could have learned Mandarin in the same time, but I do not regret anything!

When I was a child, we got up in the morning, and first thing my father and I played a round of Tiger Woods on the Playstation. After that, the day could begin. Until today, I get goose bumps when I see video highlights from Tiger's career. He was just a brilliant player and I hope that he will be back in best shape one day and that I have the opportunity to see him play for the win at one of the big tournaments.

That was it for today. On some bucket lists there are 50 or even 100 life dreams, I just described 8 dreams of mine. Perhaps it is because I prefer to deal with the present rather than the distant future. And you know: Firstly, I consider myself lucky enough to have found my dream job as a professional disc golfer and to live a life that inspires me every day.

And secondly, the big goal is right in front of me: I want to get healthy and compete again next season on the tour. I am currently working on my tournament schedule for 2017, which I will share with you in my next post on Dreampions.

Until then, take care!

PS: It has been less than a week ago that I have published my bucket list. Already now, it seems that one of the dreams could become reality in 2017: the competition with the javelin olympic champion Thomas Röhler which I mentioned in the first part of my list. Some people want to take up the idea. So there are only two questions left:
1. Does Thomas take the challenge for the competition?
2. What do you think of this idea? Would this be an event, which you would like to see? I am looking forward to your comments and feedback!

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